Am I a prophetic scribe?

An original, entry-level course on the identity & calling of the prophetic scribe.

Course Summary

Did you receive a prophetic word about being a prophetic scribe? Do you believe Christ has placed this mantle upon your life? In this course, based exclusively on The Scribal Anointing® teachings, participates will have the insight needed to unfold their calling as a prophetic scribe.

Course Curriculum

Theresa Johnson Harvard Johnson

Theresa Harvard Johnson is the progenitor of teachings on The Scribal Anointing®, the 21st-century revelation of the office of the prophetic scribe. She is passionate about identifying, building and structuring the Lord's scribal nation and creating a repository of resources in the earth to help these unique scribal types effectively navigate their calling.

The seventy elders that helped Moses launch the first church model consisted of one-third each of elders, priests and scribes! This first dispensation of "scribes in government" in the Kingdom sets the pattern for The Scribal Anointing®. Enroll and take your understanding of scribal ministry to the next level."

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