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Course Summary

Are you looking for a comprehensive course on scribal ministry and prophetic writing to include in your local school of ministry or local school of the arts? Are you currently mentoring, leading or guiding a generation of prophetic scribes, prophetic writers or scribal prophets? If so, the Certificate to Teach The Scribal Anointing® Self-Study Program may be exactly what you are looking for to take your scribal endeavor to the next level.

The Certificate to Teach The Scribal Anointing® Self-Study Program is designed to equip you with the tools, resources and information needed to setup and run an extremely unique and pioneering course or School of the Scribe in your city. This is an original curriculum based solely on the research, study and revelation of the office of the scribe released through Apostle Theresa Harvard Johnson over the course of nearly 20 years of study exclusively in this area. This is an intensive course with line-by-line, precept-by-present organization.

THIS COURSE IS FOR SERIOUS STUDENTS ONLY. Please request the STUDENT ENROLLMENT PACKET for program details, application and enrollment details.

One of the most coveted gems in The School of the Scribe® is the revealing of The Scribal Dictionary™. Since the program launched in 2010, we have been adding to the lexicon the Lord has given us to guide this ministry. One of the blessings of The Scribal Anointing is that Holy Spirit also gave us a profound and detailed language to govern it.

The Scribal Dictionary™ is a LIVING dictionary.  As Holy Spirit has revealed to us, this means that (1) our dictionary is ever expanding in the heavenly realm and has no end as we open up new realms in The Scribal Anointing®; and (2) it indicates that our language is ever expanding -- taking on new, logical and critical meaning as our core leaders reach into the depths of their Matthew 13:52 treasure house as "instructed" scribes. One of the defining callings of The School of the Scribe is BUILD LANGUAGE AROUND OUR DISCIPLINE that transcends time, generations and the ability to place a lid on what the Lord is doing. It is an honor to be trusted with an ever expanding repository on many levels. This dictionary is only available to students in our CTT Program.


Course Curriculum

Theresa Harvard Johnson

Theresa Harvard Johnson is the progenitor of teachings on The Scribal Anointing®, the 21st-century revelation of the office of the prophetic scribe. She is passionate about identifying, building and providing structural foundations for the Lord's scribal nation.

Valerius Lindsay
United States

"Before attending the School of The Scribe, I was lost and very tired of not knowing where I fit in The Kingdom of God. After taking classes, workshops, and sitting under the teachings of Apostle Theresa Harvard Johnson, with her tenacity and love , I am now secure in knowing that Father has chosen me to be a Prophetic Scribe. She teaches directly from the Word of God: with no compromise. The Kingdom of God is what is taught, from Genesis to Revelation. She is very meticulous about her Assignment from Father. Apostle Theresa’s love for her students is genuine and her goal is to have you reach your destiny as God has so ordained for each individual.  What stands out the most for me is that she is relentless in researching so that we will know the truth being confident in, “ My heart is overflowing with a good theme; I recite my composition concerning the King; My tongue is the pen of a ready writer...”

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Scribal Mastery TITANIUM II

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$312.50 USD

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  • Four Installments


Scribal Mastery TITANIUM

$1250 USD

  • TITANIUM PLAN Full Tuition Option