Jumpstart Your Prophetic Writing Flow

Course Summary

Are you stuck? Have you lost your prophetic writing flow? This course can help. It is not uncommon for prophetic writers to experience obstacles in their prophetic writing process like lack of motivation, difficulty finding focus, inability to start writing, or a complete block in the writing process. This course provides tools, techniques, numerous exercises, and spiritual insight to help writers jump start their prophetic writing flow.

Course Curriculum

Theresa Harvard Johnson

Theresa Harvard Johnson is the progenitor of teachings on The Scribal Anointing®, the 21st-century revelation of the office of the prophetic scribe. She is passionate about identifying, building and providing structural foundational for the Lord's scribal nation.

Jennifer Bright


One of my biggest breakthrough of 2020 is joining The School of Scribes and it has impacted me greatly, every time I read an excerpt from Prophetess Theresa Harvard it strikes a cord in my soul that makes me want to run with those words...Words are heavy and inspired by the Holyspirit. God bless them all.

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  • Jump start your prophetic writing process
  • Define what it means to operate in a prophetic writing flow
  • Identify the three types of writing in the spirit
  • Practice hearing God's voice
  • Explore unique writing forms evidenced in Scripture
  • Regain a childlike heart toward writing
  • Learn to nurture the writing anointing