Revealing Scribal Prophets

An original and exclusive lecture based on The Scribal Anointing®

Lecture Summary

Revealing Scribal Prophets walks prophetic scribes through an in-depth understanding of the call and ministry of "scribal prophets" solely from the perspective of "The Scribal Anointing," the 21st century revelation of the office of the prophetic scribe. This teaching is ideal for those who believe they are called to the office of the prophet, who have completed Eph 4:11 training or who are in need of "specialized training" in the area of the scribal prophet.

  • Access a 1.5-hour lecture and presentation
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  • Define the office of the scribal prophet in context with present day
  • Dispel myths surrounding what and who a scribal prophet is in the 21st century
  • Examine the role of the scribal prophet in the church and marketplace
  • Remove the limits placed on the scribal prophet
  • Explore the three types of scribal prophets operating in the earth today
  • Explore the unspoken and spoken realm of the scribal prophet
  • Explore the role of the "scribal" prophet as a foundational gift
  • Explore the mantles of several critical scribal prophets in the Bible that set the stage for modern day ministry

Lecture Listing

Theresa Harvard Johnson

Theresa Harvard Johnson is the progenitor of teachings on The Scribal Anointing┬«, the 21st-century revelation of the office of the prophetic scribe. She is passionate about identifying, building and structuring the Lord's scribal nation and creating a repository of resources in the earth to help these unique scribal types effectively navigate their calling.

Paula Cole

United States

She is a profound teacher who brings clarity to the scriptures.

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