The Scribal Realm of Huldah the Prophet

An original and exclusive lecture based on The Scribal Anointing®.


Theresa Harvard Johnson explores "The Scribal Realm of Huldah the Prophet" through a biblical, historical and revelatory lens to dig treasure out of the life and ministry of a little known and misunderstood prophetic scribe. In this pioneering teaching, students will explore the life of Prophet Huldah, identify her scribal realm, confront some misconceptions about her and embrace her impact on the OT canon. We take treasure from her realm and bring it into present day. All content from this teaching is original, exclusive to The School of the Scribe, and based on The Scribal Anointing®.



Theresa Harvard Johnson

Theresa Harvard Johnson is the progenitor of teachings on The Scribal Anointing┬«, the 21st-century revelation of the office of the prophetic scribe. She is passionate about identifying, building and structuring the Lord's scribal nation and creating a repository of resources in the earth to help these unique scribal types effectively navigate their calling.

Prophetic scribes often pray, intercede or talk with God through their pens. They work out the issues of life and of the heart in their notebooks and journals - sharing secret things with God.

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