The Master's Class w/Scribal Commander Theresa Harvard Johnson

Master Getting Permission, Navigating Public Domain & Taking Advantage of Fair Use

Friday, 05 April 2024
07:30 PM EDT

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In the course "Master Getting Permission, Navigating Public Domain & Taking Advantage of Fair Use," content creators will learn to navigate the use of content with ease, grace, and permission. Led by Scribal Commander Theresa Harvard Johnson, participants will gain extensive understanding, resources, and practical instructions for accessing readily available content legally. With over two decades of wisdom and experience in journalism, corporate communications, professional publishing, and more, Johnson provides valuable insights to help participants respect intellectual property rights and create content ethically. Enroll now to transform your understanding into action and ensure your use of intellectual property is beyond reproach.

 You need to take this course. In addition to the above, you will learn: (1.) How to get permission to use the content of others; (2.) What content you can or cannot use; (3.) Where to go to obtain public domain content; (4) How to operate under the law of fair use; and (5) To ensure that you are not the problem when building or developing your own initiatives.  This course is ideal for those who long to use content ranging from images and music to written content and choreography. 

Scribal Commander Theresa Harvard Johnson brings more than three-decades of experience to the table from her professional, awared-winning journalism career, publishing background and career experience heading up communications at an executive level in government and the universty system. In addition, the last two decades has also introduced her to many of the challenges presented by the Christian charismatic community relating to content creation and intellectual property rights. This course does not offer legal advice and is not intended for that purpose. This course is also presented from a Christian perspective.

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