Prophetic Guidance, Prayer & Prophecy for Your Scribal Success

Sunday, 04 June 2023
08:00 PM EDT

Live Class Session has ended now.


We need encouragement as prophetic scribes and artisans! Sometimes, we need that encouragement to come from a prophetic environment with people who fully respect and understand WHO WE ARE, WHERE WE ARE & WHERE WE ARE GOING AS PROPHETIC SCRIBES.

Join Apostle Theresa Harvard Johnson and leaders within The School of the Scribe as we fellowship with prophetic scribes globally. These gatherings are NOT teaching sessions, but open forums for prophetic scribes to discuss their journey, share their challenges, ask questions, get counsel or assistance, obtain prophetic insight and encouragement from their peers. This is an excellent time of connection and genuine fellowship in a safe environment.

The Company, as we call it, is not a network or an organization. It is literally a virtual (and sometimes in person space) for prophetic scribes. While we may share some ministry opportunities, there are no expectations here to do anything but enjoy yourself and experience scribal community.

Registration Covers Two Gatherings: Sunday, May 7, 2023 & Sunday, June 4, 2023.

Participation is FREE with this coupon code: 4R0KJNUV. However, we believe all participants should SOW into our time together. The donation set is $10 USD per meeting for a total of $20 USD. If this is absolutely not possible, please feel free to use the coupon above to attend for free.

Multiple, advanced scribal leaders and trusted ministers will be available to support participants.

Participants will receive guidance from leaders within The School of the Scribe who have completed the Certificate To Teach The Scribal Anointing Program, are active in scribal ministry. They understand scribal ministry from the perspective of The Scribal Anointing. We also have trusted friends who sometimes join us that are often asked to share wisdom as well in specific areas from time to time.

Ask anything pertaining to your journey or ministry in this gathering.

Our scribal journey is not simply about the work of the scribe or the gift. It is also about navigating relationship, mentoring situations and dealing with personal internal struggles. Feel free to get what you need while you are here.

Take off your ministry hats when you come.

For our guests, this is a time to learn, to receive and to share with others from a learner's perspective.

We do not record participant questions or comments. 

To protect the privacy of our participants, we do not record them when they speak. We may, however, record any prophetic insight that is shared from our leaders or trusted friends.  

Participants are encouraged to speak freely.

This is not an advertising, promotions or marketing forum. While there are opportunities to network, connect, etc. in the chat and for some who join early into our meeting, this is not the main focus of our connection. As we get to know repeat participants, more opportunity is given to share. We want to keep our environment pure to our purpose and for making connections for and within The School of the Scribe. Thank you in advance for honoring our time together.